Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Long Ride (Gone Bad II)

I went for a new years ride Friday. I was alone and it was early so I figure today was the day to bust the Long Slow Ride wide open (only I was hammering out the miles) and set the bar at 40 miles, 50 miles if I felt good at 40. Weather was stellar and me and the fatty were running the miles like Secretariat. Well that was until about mile 16.5 when Secretariat blew a shoe.

Fat tires de-rim when flat! Ain't that*%$@& awesome!

I was south of 169 about 16 miles from the van (494) when I spotted a buddy's truck and went off road to see if I could pick up a track. I knew he would be on a fat bike so I should be able to track him in the new dusting of snow. It wasn't that easy and after a few dead ends I turned back and made a direct line to the road when I hear the blowout. It was seconds to a total flat. I still don't know what I hit, I didn't care to go look but it slashed my tire like I ran over Snoop Dogg.

Tijuana Necktie (MSRP $120 a tire!)

Of course the tube was slashed!

The pick up point of shame. My wife arrived in about 30 minutes.

My buddy from "Long Ride (Gone Bad)" was picked up from this very spot only 3 weeks ago. This is probably the 5th time I've tried to break forty miles when karma jumped in to stop me. I'm moving the goal to fifty miles because forty has some negative energy I don't understand. So like the tire says, I'll make 50 next time or I'm going to be, well, SURLY!

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