Sunday, January 17, 2016

ärktik Hastings

 A few months ago it was cold, like -12F, on a Saturday and I hadn't ridden much all winter so I figured this was a good opportunity to relearn how to ride in the cold. I'm going to ride in cold again and this refresher is on my terms and not natures. The 'man trip' was coming up and I didn't want my first bitter cold ride of the year to be in the middle of nowhere, have an issue and get into trouble. Gear up and out the door I go. I report that "I may be gone for 30 minutes if it sucks I'll come back."
 An hour later I'm riding across farmland and having a good time. I'm sealed up tight and the wind and cold has no affect. Good job.
 I stop to have a snack and take in the moment. It's still very cold out but I'm geared up well, except for that tiny bit of nose peeking out. It gets frost bite, but I learn.
I'm having such a peaceful ride that I lose track of time. Nobody is out and almost no road traffic so it's like I have earth to myself. I really enjoy that feature of crappy weather. I go out because everyone else stays in! 
A little over 6 hours later I return home. I total something like 65 miles that day and I only come home because it's winter and it's going to be dark in 45 minutes.
The refresher on cold weather riding was worth every hour because the reminder helps me gear for a 3 day winter ride a few weeks later.