Saturday, February 21, 2015


Ice Diving Lake Sylvia:

The Spacemen of Lake Wobegon

If you're going to swim in February in Minnesota you need a tool that can slice through 30+ inches of ice.
The Slice-O-Matic, We call him, Trinity.
 A triangular hole allow two men to stand on each side of the diver and lift him and his 70 ponds of gear out of the hole with ease and without falling in themselves.
 Time to get wet. You cut all the way around but don't cut through until the very end. A chainsaw is a slush pump.
  Pools open and the shack is placed to keep gear from freezing. This is nearing the end of the day. The yellow rope (marked in 25 foot increments) is going to a diver so we know how far they are out.
 Maybe an old Ox or Bison vertebra. It's not uncommon for these to be 1000+ years old. Under the silt/mud they would eventually fossilize just like any other old bone in the correct conditions. 

Easy day, Easy diving. 

Thursday, February 12, 2015


: not having a plan or purpose
: done without serious effort
opportunistic pictures I didn't expect (my lexicography)
This is a road left behind when Big Industry buried a pipe full of gas. I ran into it will bush bashing on the fat bike. I cruised this road with a grin so big it included the curve of my ears.

 Kind of makes you want to be a turtle. Nice local pond, lots of friends, and Malibu tree.
 Big trees! 
 Old cars in the woods.
 All that duff in the trees indicates flood levels.
 It's a grass monster
 Right in the middle is a raccoon hunting small fish that tried to swim through and got stuck. He ate 3 while I watched. 
 The river put them here but how did they end up in the river?
 If you cut this down I suspect you could sell it at the Edina Art Fair to some twit for $1200.
 I can't say it any better.
 I can't ever read it.
 I think it's 10 pounds of nails in a fire pit. Probably cool if it's red hot but still trash.
 A Cat 1 road race in Stillwater with a beast of a hill climb. 

I have some better defined posts around the corner. This is just a few things I wanted to remember and this blog is as much stories for you as it is stories for me in a few year.