Thursday, February 12, 2015


: not having a plan or purpose
: done without serious effort
opportunistic pictures I didn't expect (my lexicography)
This is a road left behind when Big Industry buried a pipe full of gas. I ran into it will bush bashing on the fat bike. I cruised this road with a grin so big it included the curve of my ears.

 Kind of makes you want to be a turtle. Nice local pond, lots of friends, and Malibu tree.
 Big trees! 
 Old cars in the woods.
 All that duff in the trees indicates flood levels.
 It's a grass monster
 Right in the middle is a raccoon hunting small fish that tried to swim through and got stuck. He ate 3 while I watched. 
 The river put them here but how did they end up in the river?
 If you cut this down I suspect you could sell it at the Edina Art Fair to some twit for $1200.
 I can't say it any better.
 I can't ever read it.
 I think it's 10 pounds of nails in a fire pit. Probably cool if it's red hot but still trash.
 A Cat 1 road race in Stillwater with a beast of a hill climb. 

I have some better defined posts around the corner. This is just a few things I wanted to remember and this blog is as much stories for you as it is stories for me in a few year.

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  1. Surprised I didn't see you at the crit. I was on the other side of the road just a bit higher up.