Friday, January 20, 2012

Drains II

I don't have a story today. It's a storm drain and it's not old or great but it's still a little cool. My buddy and I went for a ride late one night when it was 3 below with windchill's well below that.

I have some gear issues and Pete catches a fishing lure with double treble hooks in the neck of his wool shirt. We discover it when we get back and I cut it out with side cutters.He had to have pulled it out of a tree on the way in.

The drain had a lot of water in places up to a foot and it was slippery. We both came close to taking a knee or worse. Something about smelly storm water that makes you a bit stronger and faster.

This is the end for us for tonight. But as least it's warm in here. We go on foot a few hundred feet in each. One has a huge angry raccoon and what sounds like a monster behind it making a horrible roar. I get a case of the creeps and back out. The other goes to a surface drain and we can see cars pass near so we get out before attracting attention with lights shining out of drains in the street.

This is what you see for a mile or so. It's kind of exciting. Whats past the darkness?

Locals paint the walls. It's good stuff. Watch for it on HGTV. Some C list celebrity will be hosting Drain Makeover any day now.
Underground the temps are moderated by the earth so it's wet but 40 ish. Most of this flow is ground water that forced it's way in from hydraulic pressure over decades creating small water spouts.

Fresh air but its -5 F. His pack contains spare lights and other gear you carry when an overhead environment is not habitable.

Why is there always a Smurf? Really! You have nothing better to do then paint drains and you can only tag Papa Smurf!

I guess I had a little story and some fussing about bad painters to get out of my system. I'm not in a great mood, I had to ride miles back to the car with a frozen mask and hands so cold they turned to wood all in the dark. I guess it all Drains me.

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