Monday, January 16, 2012


Songlines:  also called Dreaming tracks by Indigenous Australians within the animist indigenous belief system, are paths across the land or, sometimes the sky, which mark the route followed by localized 'creator-beings' during the Dreaming. The paths of the songlines are recorded in traditional songs, stories, dance, and painting.

Not to trivialize the Australians but to learn from and adapt my own song-less paths through the government allocated tracks of nature that are allowed to exist between massive expanses of cement (left).

I have to admit the sounds my internal voice makes while trotting around in the woods, is me at about 12 years of age. We camped a lot when I was young so the woods and I have always had our Songlines.

Here I find a drain. I must have ridden over this drain dozens of time but the Song today told me it starts at the end and this is the start of another post.

This is 1 of 4 drains I find today but the only picture and it's not a missed chord. 


Now that I'm older I still feel like home in the woods and that's one of the reasons I like riding off the beaten path. Before I learned of trails, I'd take my ordinary mountain bike into the woods. So it's surprising that I've not explored my own backyard!

Here I find railroad tracks that are clearly abandoned yet I've never found them until today. It's a switch for two tracks and a control box.

 I follow the tracks to the water and have an stroll on the beach. It's an obvious line of weakness through the heavily wooded parts of what I learn is a peninsula or better 'byland' ...

 ...and I'm not alone! This is a campsite of hobosapian and his primitive tools, the yard rake. They use it in a complicated nesting ritual when the wine runs out before the body.

I would not make a good Hobo, I would have used this tree about 600 feet 
 away. It was enourmous and if I had camping gear and a little better neighbor, I would have stayed the night.

For those that read this; For those that tend to take the bridges to nowhere; I encourage you to go over the top by going under. The views are better, I promise.

 Get a bike and go for a ride! This is a humiliated bike but it's still better dead then trapped in your garage. RIP: Cannondale

Isn't this better for you as well?

I'm just preaching to the choir at this point. You already know your Songlines.

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