Saturday, January 28, 2012


My dive buddies and I got a lead on a shipwreck in lake Minnetonka that isn't identified. It is reported to be 75 feet long and maybe 20 wide in less then 40 feet of water. So about now you're probably asking yourself if it's an urban legend. It's not for a few reasons.
  • The finder has reported it as a possible historical site.
  • Tonka has many large wrecks from the early 1900's when Big Island was a park for the wealthy.
  • I've seen a side-scan image of the wreck.
  • I've dove wrecks in Tonka bigger then 75 feet long.
We cut 7 holes today and spent a total of about 2 hours under the ice searching moonscape silt without any luck finding the wreck. It's a big place and our charts didn't match the depths we were finding so maybe next weekend.

Left - Robert tending the line attached to a diver. Yes, someone is actually under the ice.
Right - The divers and some land owners out for some show and tell. The sticks will mark the hole when we leave before it freezes closed.

 The second hole is open and waiting for dives to finish up on the first hole. Ice diving is gear and time intensive so every effort must be made to move things along.

 It was a nice day, too bad we didn't get to see anything but mud. Oh well, the hunt is better then the wreck. We'll find it one of these days.

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