Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fat Camp

I'm what I consider lean in build but I still went to Fat Camp only it's not me that's fat but my bike and I camped out with the best group of guys I've ever had the pleasure of sharing a fire with.

Me and 4 other Fat Friends went for a night ride and a morning ride that precipitated a camp out in the middle. We strapped gear to our bikes and backs and started putting the mile down. It was as much a social ride as a camping trip. I got to talk to what I came to learn was "The Legend" and I'm sure to remember all the wisdom he shared with me but what you learn at fat camp, stays at fat camp. Those of us that are not legends managed to have shinning moments of story telling and other good-natured cheer making for a lot of humor.

We arrive at a special location.

quickly stoked a fire and got into dinner which meant an hour of discussion on camp stoves, fuel and btu's all the while jazz streams from a cell phone.

Morning was cold but we re-stoke the fire, have a bit of breakfast and use any tool we can find to remove the frozen mud from the gears on the bikes. With limited means most of us limp home on a gear or two.

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