Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Raving for Caving

WOW! Caving! For some odd reason I find caving to be very entertaining. It might not be a generator of peak emotional states like rock climbing but I haven't almost died so that's a fair trade. It is fun to worm around and get muddy. It's not all small belly crawls but there are some of those. I like that.

Short but wide crawl

The gear up is pretty basic, a helmet, head lamp, knee pads and 'muddies'. Fortunately we have a building to get geared up in. It's not heated but with a cave 'breathing' into the space it's about 50 degree.

This is the crawl from the first picture. See it's wide and short and the lump on the left is the next caver in front of me. There are 5 others in the room at the end of the crawl.

Some planning at a remote entrance.

Bottom of said entrance
The bottom...
Inside the ...

High spirits on the return.


We look like miners only we didn't have to move 16 tons of coal and we got a lot more than a day of labor for our efforts. We had adventure and satisfied our craving for caving. WOW, Caving!

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