Sunday, December 11, 2011

First ice dive of the season

This Sunday me and some buddies got on the ice and went hunting for lost anchors. This is one of the best winter activities. To me and my buddies, it's the Norwegian Caribbean.  Let me explain; first the algae is dead so visibility is very good. No boats to worry about zooming about overhead without regard to the laws of diver flags. You get to enter directly over your dive site using GPS or the best bathyspheric maps available.No sand, no luging gear to the waters edge and you don't overheat getting geared up for the 36 degree water.
Terry tells 'Polar Bear' how well things are going.
Hydro about to go under
Hydro under about 6 inches of good ice.
3 of my 8 finds for the day. 20 for the team.
The drag to shore
A sled of gear. It's about 400 lbs

More photos.

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