Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dry Caving!

I know I should probably not blog twice in a day but I've been dieing to Blog this since it happened in November. I've wanted to go caving for at least a decade and as it happened a guy I connected with on a Fat Bike ride happens to cave and was nice enough to invite me to join him(Josh) and his wife. I was so excited to go it was like being a little kid on xmas eve.

Not having any experience in a cave other then public tours and the cave diving (scuba) in Florida I had no experience to draw on so I just went simple and tried to not be a nob. That means I didn't bring a camera and had to hope I'd get pictures from Josh. I didn't know about water and mud and didn't want to destroy a camera.

I had a great time and it was everything I hoped for. The passages at times necked down to tiny belly crawls for 100's of feet opening to rooms and more passages. Some passages were so small you had to keep your head sideways because the passage was less then one foot high and fortunately a skull is thinner sideways and allows for forward passage. I though I might get the creeps about worming under small squeezes but I liked them for the first few hours but then started to enjoy being off the ground because your knees and elbows take a thrashing. I guess everything in moderation applies to caving as well.

Anyway, I need to post a huge thanks to my buddy Josh for making this happen for me and I'm encouraging readers to Follow This Link to his blog for photos and a second storyline. I'm looking forward to my next trip with the The Minnesota Speleological Survey

Me in a large crawl. Photo credit Deathrideradventure

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