Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cross For Tots Race

I went to my first real CycloCross race today. Jay (Hollywood) put on a race to raise cash and toys for Toys For Tots this morning. The first race starting at 12:15. I raced in C (30 minutes) and was considering racing B (45 minutes) after. I probably would have enjoyed that but passed because I was hoping to catch some buddies out ice diving. My wife Kristen came out to watch and take the pictures.

I love races, the energy at the start is like launching a rocket. Everyone is twitchy and ready to power out hard. Then the gun goes off and we blast out fighting for spots and not create any contact or cut someone off and make a problem behind. I don't know the full count or my time but I came in about mid pack from what I could tell from the preliminary list. I'm real happy with that for my first Cross pushing a heavy full suspension and thick Racing Ralph tires. But I'm hooked and Hollywood Cycle will be hooking me up with some new hardware.

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