Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Bike In A Pipe

Last night I got invited to a clandestine bike ride in subterranean pipe(s). We could ride for miles. It was surprising how much architecture there is to see.

Large terminus stairs leading to other levels.

The stairs lead up to other levels. Some are large and wide but others are tight and come off the sides of the mains. I didn't follow any up very far. There are many flows in what could best be described as crawls. Obviously we didn't enter them but our lights would go a 100 feet or more and then dim out to black.

side passage stairs

As you would expect the sound of water is only attenuated by great distances so you are always moving away from one and into another grand sound of falling water.

Another end

Like a Ship In A Bottle, the first question is "How did you get in there?" and just like the craftsman of the ships, we don't really say.

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