Friday, October 18, 2013


Excluding a single day on the water training for the role of "unnamed victim #48" in a low budget karate movie I have been diving and other mainstream distractions not gripping enough to hold more than 6 seconds of your attention.  I had intended to post shortly after Bandit Cross but some plans cracked, some went right to the cutting room floor, and others turn out to be good plans but bad locations. We still got out every weekend to goof off but journalism excellence and the Pew Research Center would come down on me if I wrote total garbage. Yes, 'air karate' is about a neutrino width above the bar, I checked and FOX news said it was report worthy.

Equally close to the line is this short pictostory to get back into the habit of amateur micro blogger because I have 2 good stories in the can and a totally awesome Utah 9 day trip as well as several upcoming packraft trips, a bike race and early ice isn't far away.

 A day of scuba turned into a day of goofing off when water clarity was just below that of green lint soup. Swimming/jumping, a few beers and a lot of distractions to pass time.

 On 3 or 1,2,3,go? I went with go and was wrong.
 Joe and I throw the captain over to renegotiate beer rations.

 On 3 this time.
 Not doing it right Joe.
Well that dipped below the line and I just got a screen call as #48 but they want me to bring in Joe to explain what he was doing.

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