Friday, August 16, 2013


As the billboard from Bike Jerks calls out a Cyclocross bike race broke out last night. Me, 3 buddies and about 100 others that just love bikes showed up for a good ol' boy bike race. It's wild in so many ways. Wild woods full of abandon hobo homes. Wild bike designs from custom builders. Wild people that live lives so different from what I understands it's like a Elise Island. Wild course with even less organization but we lead in with Bandit. It should be obvious we are not LifeTime and none of us want any part of that mess.

The best way to lay out the story starts a year ago when I went to a Bandit with Blake. Having no clue what would happen or if I'd get yelled off the school yard by the cool kids for being a nerd. My bike nerdyness was just enough to get me a few laps and a little fun so this year I recruit some buddies and try and help them understand that it's just a circus of bike geeks. Look at the hardware these riders are packing. Let me lead you in the right directions, think street credit plus graffiti plus lean mean speed.

After a generous amount of beer and a party is a field a race spontaneously erupts about an hour later then the billboard hailed so we quickly jump on bikes and race off down a trail as about 10% of us finish the last of a beer.

Some race others ride but I race one lap, stop take some photos, ride some more, stop again, hand the camera off and reride so in total I raced 3 of the 5 laps but we all had a blast getting our wheels dirty.

Bandit is show up and ride, have fun, be cool, and love the biking community.  Doesn't matter if you're a nerd or a bike geek so long as you have fun and ride like you own it.

Bandit Cross is awesome and in the famous words of John Belushi, don't cost nothin'

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