Monday, October 28, 2013

Shakedown Ocho

We call her Ocho because she gets 8 mpg & sometimes Erv as a pronunciation of RV. Sometime it's "Camper" so we really haven't settled on a name. We just got her after a long search and took it to Willow River State Park in Wisco as a maiden voyage, day trip.

We had most of the day and a small backpack of snacks and other sundry supplies for a 2 or 3 hour hike. We intend on taking the purple, brown and orange trail but Scooby (the dog) had other plans. Note: the gray trail north of the lake.

About 40 minutes into the hike we get to a bridge and Scooby just turns and pulls us along. I don't bother to check the map because I believe we are on what is commonly called a 'lollipop' trail. That means out, around a loop and then back down the stick you came in on.

Well this wasn't the lollipop but the start of the long gray trail on the map that goes north and east the entire length of the park so we just committed to a 9 mile hike. We figure it out about 30 minutes down the gray trail when I realize we are still going east and the sun should be in our eyes and it's not. We figure it doesn't really matter and we have plenty of what if gear.

We take a side trail to an overlook but not expecting to be out this long have only basic snacks. Scooby has a Milk-bone so he's thrilled.

Willow River State Park has a very nice navigable river and one nasty set of falls. There is also some of the hardest sport climbing in the area. In all the years of rock climbing I never did get to climb here.
The photo on the right shows a huge overhang, you climb up and over the lip to the short face before lowering down!

After the falls it's a matter of making our way back to Ocho and the backside of the lake we overlooked for our rest stop.

Less than 5 minutes after we return and clean the dog of burs and other ditritus the sky opens and we get hard rain for 20 minutes. Not that it matters we are in the heated comfort of Ocho having lunch while Scooby sleeps on the couch. 

A few days later we take Ocho on a 4 day whirlwind tour of the north shore state parks followed by a 3 day southern tour. 

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