Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's SUP?

Urban Dictionary: SUP "A term that cool people use because they are too damn lazy to say What's up."

Seriously, SUP is an acronym for Stand Up Paddle-boarding.
Monday evening we met with a group of strangers for a planned and lead Paddle-boarding experience.
It was one of those things you trip over now and then while reading local happenings on the internet. My wife wanted to give it a go and I don't mind new things even though I didn't think it sounds all that fun.

So for anyone that reads the rubbish I publish you're likely aware that I have a sarcastic style and mostly dry humor and this isn't going to be any different but remember, I enjoy doing all this stuff more then I let on but what I write is always true.

My first thoughts of SUP is that it's lame and it looks dumb. The 'sport' requires you to stand for no reason at all but to maybe keep your butt dry. Because you're standing you have to use the longest paddle humanly possible just to reach the water. I think mine was close to 8 feet long. This means leverage to paddle is very poor so you move slowly. Oh joy! Stability is quite high so balance is a no brainier but they don't go straight. A slow, no thinking sport, yuck.

I don't see why this is getting any attention at all. Your an adult standing on a floating bath mat and it's a 'sport' worthy of a magazine! True, Google "sup".

I think we all feel about the same. We'll do anything. Talking to others they do lots of things and SUP is just one more thing to try.
 There isn't really much to it. It's about what you'd think.
 See how long the paddle needs to be, it's murder on shoulders.
 Sitting down is the only way to rest and that gets your butt wet so I'm out of reasons to stand at all.
 I go in for a swim.
 It's a social event more then a paddle. These things are as easy to use as a vacuum.

 Fun and games. I'm just playing around.
We return about 8:20PM and then go to a pub for beers.

I wasn't too far off from my assessment. It isn't a great time and I'm not likely to do it again but I may. The biggest advantage I see it makes a nice swim platform. If you want to go out on a hot day and go swimming the beaches are shallow and full of people so this would get you out in the lake to deep water but still have a raft to hang out on.

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