Thursday, July 26, 2012

Giant Salamander

I'm going to make this a short post. Death Rider had the idea, I was just the buddy. 

I get a call to show up with a PFD and my fat bike. Having been on a few swims I knew it was going to get rodeo. That means, "Keep your head on a swivel" and when things get nasty, hang on for 8 seconds and you'll make it.

I'd like to caption every photo but I want to get the post up and I don't have the energy to craft anything worth your time to read. I've been busy ever night for some time. Kayaking, River Hikes and Rides but nothing over the top to post about so I'll just throw the pictures up and talk about a few.

Bridges are always cool. Thousands drive over and never think about whats under. We go under and never think about the drivers. 

Old stuff is the best.

It wouldn't be a river ride without a tromp in the cabbage.

The first guy has no idea if it's 10 feet deep or 1 foot. You just cowboy up and go.

Here we are on the Minnesota

Sea weed on your wheels.

Getting our swim on. Death goes first. I wait for him to cross about 2/3 before I go in.

I exit next to a dead Carp and a fisherman that wasn't sure if he should 'fish or cut bait'.

Shore is knee deep clay/mud. You almost have to crawl. 

Some video is always fun.

Riding is hit and miss. You can't see what's your riding into.

Swims are fun but barge traffic makes the long crossing scary in the middle so this is near shore.

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