Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lunar eScape

Look at the post called Two in the Stew and you'll understand why we went back in boats, at night! If you want that superhero flare, it's going to have to be moonlight landscape. Call it a Lunar Escape and the conditions have to be just right.

 We launch with little sunlight and from what I gather, no map. It's a river so how can you go wrong?
 Everyone is loaded and upright.
 We are already talking about which way to go. Nothing to worry about. The three of us have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, We'll get it right.
 The river is wide and chocked with cattail and tall grass so a line of weakness that allows a kayak to pass is not obvious. This looks like a dead end, we should back up and try again, right?
 Nope, there is a path, we'll make it, right?
 That's a lot of cloud for a moon light paddle. That's not right.
 Calm, clear, quiet. ALL RIGHT!
 Portage? oh! right.
 The crossing is deep muck and it smells, I should have known, right?
We drift around as tiny waves make clapping sounds on our hulls. Its as if nature is applauding itself. Time to relax and get your mind right.
We're lost! This doesn't feel right!
Yep, we are in the weeds. I was right!

Moon light left, Street light right.
Josh and Dave didn't wait for my lens work. They are downstream about 300 yards to my right.
I use the boat as a tripod to get the exposure right.
Our exit is past the tree, (of course) on the right.
Conditions were right. The paddle was awesome but this is wrong.
12:30am, we shuttle back to the start. I squeeze into the space that's left.

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