Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Roadie

I got the bug to do some road racing a few weeks ago while watching some TV coverage and then watching a race in Waconia. I jump online and pay too much for a license and then go to the Shamrock Capital Criterium.

I get all ready and I'm a little nervous about road racing. I've been in enough mountain races but road is fast and close and I'm not sure how Class 5 handle themselves so I try and learn something from the previous races that may help me. 

 While waiting for my race to start my tire blows just leaning against the wall. I can't explain it but I assume the tube was pinched and the pressure went up in the sun and popped it. It scared everyone.
 I'm sorry it's fuzzy we had some camera issues that day. But this is the upwind leg of a 0.8 mile lap. My race plan is to rail on it right from the start to stay in the top 10 or better. I know I can't be in the back and expect to follow an attack so I try and lock in and draft but the Class 5 guys are all over the place.

I move up easily in the corners because they break and I soft peddle my line and come out of the corner hot and move up. After they break going into the corner they peddle hard on the exit so the attacks are easy because I already have speed on them. The surge is hurting everyone but I can't place high if I play it safe in the back so I commit to the chase and at least make them hurt.

 This is probably my best spot, I'm in 5th and half done with a 30 minute race. I don't know it but a 2 man break away was successful and I'm holding what's left of the peleton. After I blow up and get spit out the back at minute 17 the remaining riders get shelled and I overtake most of them.
I'm in orange in front on this corner trying to bridge a few guys just out of frame. I blow out a few minutes after this. The pack is so broken up by the end they don't ring the last lap bell for me and I can't tell it from the fans bells so I miss the last lap sprint and lose 10th place withing a few 100 yards because I think I'm going into the last lap and it's the finish.
 The announcer is getting warmed up for his race while I race.
I'm finishing 11 of 25 but I think it's the start of the last lap. That's why I'm not standing. I'm still pissed I missed it and lost 10th place. I learned my lesson and that is what Cat 5 is suppose to do.
I had a good time and I like road racing for the speed and fast corners but I'm not a roadie. I'll go race again because they are easy and good spectator sports so my wife and friends can come out and have a afternoon of racing.

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