Saturday, February 25, 2012

Muddy Buddy

I'm riding a lot these days and my wife used to ride with me but over time we lost that connection. I went to other sports and when I came back to riding I started racing and hard trail riding. It wasn't something she was interested in, until now. 

Fat biking is more childlike wonderment about what the world has to see and do. If you can remember being very young and just running into the woods because it was there and you wanted to see what was in it. That's fat biking. The, "ooh...what's in there...." spirit. 

My wife and I went out to test the new wheels and it was muddy and icy. The mud was a mix of peanut butter and bread dough and it was all over the bikes after the ride.

New wheels

This is an eagles nest. We could hear and see. Very cool.

How did this get here? 

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