Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hydrophilic means water lover and it seams fitting on Valentines Day that I post about loving water. If all the things I do, water is a common theme regardless of state; water, ice, snow.... I wonder why but then I assume it's just normal to enjoy something that is so critical to life regardless.

Me and maybe 10 others got a call to "loop the lake" with Troy over at stcroixtroy. The plan was to ride the ice around the shoreline of White Bear Lake. We peddled out late after a few mechanical problems into the end of a small snow storm. I rolled out onto the lake and quickly fell down in a hard way. It would be the first of maybe a dozen falls. The limited snow and recent temps made the lake very smooth and without studded tires it was slippery. Some crashes hurt but I got up quickly and peddled faster to catch the group only to eat ice again. Fortunately the snow cover deepened and the riding normalizes and the crashes became more rare.

Pressure ridges were tall but well frozen making a quarter pipe for some studded tire riders to play on.

Social time was generous and entertaining.

Playing on the ice and riding in the snow is always a good time but then I started by saying I'm hydrophilic.

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