Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wild Winter

Scooby dog is very excited to get snowshoeing. He has impeccable begging manners.

We are in Wild River State park around the middle of January during one of the small weather windows when it wasn't colder than deep space outside. We set up 'camp' and get for an evening hike. I'm recovering from busted ribs so I can't risk XC-Skiing just yet.

We are only at the park for one night so it's the standard, set up, campfire, dinner, sleep, hike, home.

Getting right to the hiking, the park has a well defined ski trails and just let you snowshoe anyplace so we do.

Gateway trail to the river
River is good but the ice scares one of us a little
We get cut off at the river and need to bushwhack to better ground

Out into the open prairie
This is nearing the end of about 4 hours of hiking,

She needs some hot cider to make the last 2 miles back to camp. 
That did it.
This was supposed to be one of many weekend trips but once it approaches zero it's just a bit too cold for the furnace to keep pace so we didn't make it back out until a scuba dive show in Chicago.

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