Thursday, March 20, 2014

Drains - Wince and RePete

My buddy Pete comes back out for a drain tour with Deathrider [hungry-for-stink], The legend, myself and two other that don't have avatars. We bang around riding in the drains one cold ugly night back in November just a few days before my accident.
Drains are predominantly water and winter only slows the roll.
This is ground water that has infiltrated the side drain and pours in. It's almost clear, cold and without any odor.
  The farther up 'river' the less water.
 This is why we go. Its a subway, sans train... for miles and anything can be around the corner, but a  train.
 The Precast Round Pipe is not the coolest but then we don't pay for the skills of stone cutters only to cover it with dirt.

Just after this drain I have enough knee pain from a previous ride that I'm genuinely concerned that I'm never going to recover completely from the punishment I took on the Arrowhead. Now that it's been a few months and I did a 50 mile last week and the Almanzo 100 last spring that it's just a matter of training, we'll see.

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