Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Basic Camp

A basic night out in a bag. Josh's Saturday Night camp out is a bike-pack-camp commonly called bikepacking. So long as you have lightweight gear and know how to pack it small and on a bike it's easy to be comfortable. I chose to go even lighter and forgo the tent for a bivy bag and a small piece of plastic if it rains. My sleeping bag is inside the bivy, it's just a 'skin' to protect the bag.

After a short ride through the woods to a remote area that happens to have a massive amount of downed wood we stoke up a huge blaze to push the chills out of the way and get eating. It's a mixed bag of dinner choices. I have some chicken noodle soup mix that I boil up on my micro stove just to give me something warm and savory to kick the last of the chills out of my core and give me a few extra calories so I have a warm nights sleep. Others have full on meat roasts over a huge bomb-fire and they only want to carve one stick. This leads to wild outbursts for several reasons depending on your take.

A good amount of socializing leads us to bedtime and by then the temps are making frost.

A pack of coyotes yelp and howl as I drift off looking at stars. (I don't have a roof) By morning it's in the low 20's.

Re-stoke the fire to warm up while everyone gets going. I don't think anyone had breakfast but I have coffee before packing the bike.

 The ride out is about 8am. I ride back to my van, rush home, eat and head out to go scuba diving.

No, I haven't gone totally soft in the middle from Ocho.

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