Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mario Brothers

Just like the popular game from the 80's. Running around in drains is still fun, call us the plumbers. Fortunately, Bob-Bombs are not real and these drains are not full of nasty things but they have plenty of hazard to watch out for and mostly never go if it can rain. Beyond that I don't recommend anyone do this, it's probably very stupid that I do it.

I can't share much detail for fairly obvious reasons and there isn't much of a story. It was just 4 guys riding bikes in pipes. They are huge and interesting in there own creepy way.  We ride about 5 miles of them.

 Drains come in many shapes and materials. Stone, brick,  and concrete are formed into many shapes that appear to be based on age. Very old brick are arched, stone are square and concrete everything else.

 The art work is very cool. The amount of time and talent it takes to paint these must take years to develop and only a hand full of people ever see them.

 Some very old brick. This is the end of the line. The drain beyond is too small.

 More very old stone and barrel vault ceilings.
 Grade changes create water falls as well as drain pipes that ruptured due to ground water.

Below: Ground water brings with it minerals that form rim stone and other features you normally only see in caves but the process of forming limestone is the same and these drains are here for 50 years or more.

Don't try this yourself. Your results may very. Close cover before striking. For external use only! Do not use near open fire. Not suitable for children. Not for human consumption. Warning: May contain nuts. Not dishwasher safe. 99.9% inert ingredient. No purchase necessary.

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