Friday, November 23, 2012

Hit and Miss

It's late and I don't have 3 hours to write something great so this is a teaser of the next 3 posts.
Packrafting, Drain Ride, and Caving trip are all complete and I have 296 photos and 6 videos to edit and organize before I can write the stories but to keep things fresh I'll HIT AND MISS the details.

Packrafting Wednesday.

Grab the boat and go...

Then run out to go Draining.... I should have kept the packraft!

Out of the man made and into the nature made. Caving...

Quick quips and the I need to get some rest for Packraft trip 3 and then a long ride the next day.

I got out of work early for Turkey day so I jumped in the Packraft (I need to name that thing) and tested the boat without the bike. I found it was really relaxing and I wanted to take a nap and drift but I stayed the course, packed up and met the guys for a drain ride. They are storm water drains and are cleaner then most caves I've been in and I went in a cave after the drain but between drains and turkey dinner with family I ride the river bottoms for 3 hours.

Tomorrow is Packrafting for hours. I want to drift and paddle for a long time and ride home. The next day I plan to ride the fat bike for 8 or 10 hours but I need a destination. I'd like to get a scuba in but that would have to be a night dive, we'll see.

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