Saturday, March 17, 2012

Slick 50 Ride

I get a call from a buddy telling me I shouldn't miss out on a ride called the Slick 50 and from what I can tell its put on by cars*r*coffins and from the ride, I think they are great people to boot.

We all muster up in back of oneonone bike like a bunch of hobos waiting for the soup kitchen to open. I didn't count riders but the top picture is real close to 10am and a small group of On Timers. The ride was suppose to start at 10:30 but muster was 10am.

Much closer to 10:30am and the crowd swells every few minutes with groups of riders rolling in. By this time it is too large for my narrow lens.

Those are the only photos I have because a few minutes later we roll out and get out on the streets. There are over a hundred to start with and it's awesome to own the lanes with such authority. We are moving too fast with too many hazards for me to mess with a camera and not crash and wreck 100 riders behind me. 

The pace starts out slow with a narrow trail and pedestrian traffic but once out into the clear air we crack the throttles and blow out the winter phlegm. Speeds start bumping 20 mph. The organizer listed a 13-17 speed so that was lost to us hammer heads in the front and the attacks started in the hills and some fun breakaways between friends or like minded sprinters. I followed one to 31mph before it ended. I had the lead in a hill climb sprint only to lose to a stronger rider from Freewheel on the last 100 yards. I felt strong and was holding about 10th place on the major climbs without killing myself but it hurt never the less. Pace was in the 20's much of the time.

The entire ride was a blast and although the speeds were too high for some in the back I was having the time of my life. I don't have much experience with large pack rides and if they are all the same fun folks from today, I'll have to try a few more.

At 50 miles and 3 hours we stop at a pizza place for beer and I have my fill and then head out to finish the 30 miles to my house. I figure the 2 beers should fuel the ride but 2 beers will get you 10 miles so I eat a snack and power on for 12 more miles before the snack runs out. I'm only 8 miles away and just push into the headwind without more fuel. By the time I get home I'm at the edge of bonking. I refuel with beers and snacks with the wife on the deck before a big grill-out.

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