Friday, March 9, 2012

Man: The Trip

The MAN in ManTrip is obvious, or is it?

First you'd think it's like the scrawling on a boys tree house, "no girls!" Or does it mean we`re going to do some scary stuff and you better Man up. Is it because Josh is The Man for putting such a great trip together or did he just need people to man the trip? I think they are all correct and I'd also like to express intensity, Man! What a trip! 

I was the new guy on the trip with little idea about whats going to happen but I know I'm not going to puss out of anything. I don't quit easily and if the Man in trip meant anything to me, it's Man Up and show that I earned a place on the trip.

The Caribbean is nice this time of year
I like to think of these as Norwegian Jellyfish
Ice Reef
Any time you have gear, you have repairs.
Camp 1 - First morning
A roomy 2-man tent and -20 bag.
Day 2
I saw this Gnome. That's good luck.
He wasn't to happy to be left behind.

Narrow trails gorged with snow are so peacefull
We are trying to follow a creek but it's a slog and it gets dark soon...

When I die, if I can look out from a photo, this is it. 
[Insert long hard snowshoe to a location off the map]

Ride / Snowshoe / remote camp is a lot of gear, uffta.

Tacos and a night out on the beach
-5 degrees. 
Last ride

When I leave this place, it's all done.

The van grew horns. Toro!
I may have gotten the pictures in the wrong order but they are close. The beach camp photos look the same but I assure you, it's a different day but it's the same spot.

If we started out wondering what the man in Man Trip meant you probably know where this is going. You can decide for yourself based on the pictures if it meant anything at all. I feel stronger for advancing my winter camping skills, extending my north woods knowledge and testing my fortitude. If I have to quantify it, I say, man evolves because of his strengths but people die for lack of challenges. The Man Trip is seeing how far you can mentally hitchhike before you have to develop stronger skills or be left behind.

Trip 2012:: Man: Extinct Hominid
Trip 2013:: Man: "no girls"


  1. excellent write up, short and sweet, i love the pics too. see you on the next adventure..... DR

  2. So I get the measage...Now man up and addmit you were scared at times and wondered am i going to make it home on Sunday...I know I was...Great pic's looks like a lot of fun....No Ice fishing????

    1. There was one very narrow crossing on the river with a eddy that would kill for certain if you fell in but sometimes in life you just can't make a mistake. I wasn't scared but only by a narrow margin.

  3. Definitlely looks like a full weeks worth of adventure was had.