Friday, July 11, 2014

Bandit Cross

Always a good time, Bandit Cross! I throw a link back to Bike Jerks so consider visiting. 
 Last night I rode the 15 or so miles to the site of the last Bandit Cross. Hang out with my good buddy Pete (aka QVC) for a few beers and a well connected bike community. They have the coolest gear.
If you know anything about bikes, these are as sexy as they get. 
The staging area is a mess but its like a car show with everything out for show. I really enjoy seeing the custom bikes.
'Le' Custom backyard.
 "On your mark!", or whatever, we aren't keeping track.

 Go, go, gone.
 After the launch I jump in and hammer it up a few dozen places. The hill climb is soft.
 It looks like the worst but it's the best.
 A 'racer' can make a lot of time if you claw your way up the dirt with tenacity.

 Back to the finish after a really bendy section of single track.

I hang out for 30 minutes or so after my one hot (racing) lap before riding home before dark. I don't ever finish these races. I would never know where I finished because a finishing list doesn't exist and I don't know enough of the riders to place myself. On top of that I need my bike in good shape to ride the 15 miles home so don't break your ride messing about in the woods.
Speaking of a messy starting line. This is the average condition of my VanTastic and launch pad and on that it's time to "Go!"

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