Monday, May 19, 2014

Big Deal

Myre Big Island State Park.

A short 2 night early spring trip to Big Island during a break in the cold snotty weather.

Again the 'camper' rules as a home base. Go hike, get wet and cold for a few hours and it's hot showers and hot dinners.

Dinner and a view, um, Stew from a crock pot while we hiked.

Not all the trails on the map are passable so we wander more than a planned loop trail.
Tree tubers. the entire tree had these nodes all the way to the top.

Probably still too soon for any ice photos. 

Brrr, it's sunny and 35 degrees out. So, April 15th it is. :(

Around this time we duck behind some trees and walk a bit off trail to a small, tree walled, grass knoll. I collect a handful of small twigs and spark off a small fire that last just long enough for a 4-dog weenie roast. I clean up the fire evidence and we start our 6 mile return hike.

I really don't know what this is but it's grown into a tree cage.
Just off the Iowa border is a big island, a myre and some place to roast hot dogs wrapped in a state park. All of it was ours alone. We were the only campers in the park, Bam!

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