Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Go Guerrilla

A gorilla is a type of large African ape. Sure they fight, but that's not why they're called gorillas. When you see them in a tree, they're usually just monkeying around. But a guerrilla (sometimes spelled with one "r"), is someone who belongs to a group of independent fighters. This day we are fighting winter fatigue by riding a little over fifty miles to see newly protected state land with a rock on it.

So you ask yourself, what rock is worth fifty miles in the wind and cold of Minnesota 'spring'. Well it wasn't very cold this day but relative cold means nothing following the winter phucking we just took. So that rock; it's worth the ride so long as you cook up some lunch and hang out with some good buddies. Ride some spring gravel, soak in some sun and take it easy on the skinny tires of a cross bike. 

The large plowed snow berm helps block wind drift so it's all plowed to the west to match prevailing winds. We benefit from its wind blocking abilities for a few hundred yards at a time. 

Half way and munch time on top of a plateau rock behind the standing rock. I'm the only one to cook because I have new 'backpacking' foods I want to try out. 

A 'freebe' on the return route. Cool part is the ice boulder. That large block is all ice.
Who can pass up a cave?
We win the spring riding fight but in the next few weeks it gets nasty and even snows some more. This was mid March so you already know that spring is monkeying around and we all need to gorilla brat and start enjoying spring.

That's enough pun for now.

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