Friday, October 19, 2012


Two activities, Two weekends, Two locations

One post

We are out on our fat bikes bashing around one weekend and the next weekend on foot. I'll speak briefly about each and then lump up on the couch. I've had some rides in between and a scuba dive out in Tonka that were fun for me but nothing for a reader. I have a few photos I want to share or this would not make it either.

Top Left: Under a bridge. The tagging is nice and bright. I have no idea what it means. I'm sure it's not meant for a couple crackers from the burbs so I don't bother to try and figure it out.

Left: The woods of Savanna Portage.
I wish I took more pics because I'm going back for a winter camp and the summer vs. winter photos may be fun

Below: In a most unusual way we find a potato digger in the woods. This park must have been a farm.

 Scooby is on an adventure hike as well. He enjoys dog toys that have squeakers so to find 'dog toys' that squeak and run away is too much and he loses his mind for chipmunks.

 The colors are good.

We hike about 4 miles out to a lake and a remote camp. Talk to a solo canoeist on an overnight about the location and get some information about how to portage in and not hike 4 miles. I forgot to take the pictures of the permanent shelter and the tiny dock.

Back in the cities we go bash around and with the drought we cross the mud and get to places I've wanted to for about a year.

This was not me but what a fun thing to do. The scale is a little off but the blocks are 9 inches thick and the wall is close to 3 feet. I expect this to be the work of Josh & Sons Adventure but I'm told it is not.    

My hand in the dried mud to show it's 9 to 10 inches deep and 2 to 3 inches wide. Far too wide for any bike but a fat 3.8 or greater. For that, it was smooth rolling and a good time.
I climbed up on this to take the next photo. I thought it would be a fun angle but it was not though the tightrope walk up the tree scared my wife so that was fun.
 See what I mean,You can't tell. I could be on a hill and not a skinny tree 12 feet in the air. By the way, all that field should be under water by about 3 to 5 feet from what I could see from the remaining shore.
 Kristen is still in the Novice skill set for fat biking. She's inspecting the ground like she needs to sink a 30 foot put. I assure her it's plenty firm and that any soft spots can be dealt with a short but frantic peddle. 

The last of the photos are just to show the level of detail in the graffiti. The better the location the better the art work and this is close to some of the best I've found.

The end

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