Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sea Monkeys

Terry and I go diving and do more monkeying around then diving. We still get 2 hours underwater but spend the entire day on the water. It's hot out so swimming and the occasional beer and Cool Ranch Doritos make for lunch.

Diving is good but we don't find anything worth keeping. We recover a few anchors. We always find anchors but it's easy to find people around a lake that want anchors.

They don't have any resale value. Transport and cleaning, the limited demand for old rusty anchors makes the time and energy more then the value of a few bucks in your pocket. Giving them away makes people happy and that's enough for me. I keep a soda bottle from ~1890.

We surface a long way off the back of the boat. It's hard to swim for an hour and still find a small point like the boat. 100 feet is about as good as you can get. We were more like 800 feet. This pic is me resting before I climb out with 80 pounds of gear.

While we swam back to the boat some locals out on a old wind surfing board stopped by to talk about
diving and what we find and tell us about a lost boat from a few years ago. We get the location and make a dive for it. Find it and lose it in the dark and silt but we'll be back to recover it and probably scrap it for the AL price.

I understand that sounds hard to believe but 30 feet deep is 6 inches of viability going to black out in the silt and we have to stay together so we can help the other if we get snagged on something we can't see. You have to move and communicate by touch. You can't see anything. If you lose contact, it's gone.

It isn't long before we goof off on the visitors surfboard. 

 Terry has a go at it. He is wearing a scuba hood so he doesn't aggravate an existing head injury.

We monkey around on this board for a hour or so. Our visitors are on the boat or other rafts.

 It's unfortunate we have to wait for September to get water temps in the 80's but when they arrive it's a good time and I forget how much I enjoy swimming even though I scuba year round. All the gear gets in the way.

 These are my new swim fins. They are not kids fins or toy fins. They are Emergency Rescue Swimmer Fins used by Safety Divers and the like to get people that, say, fall though ice or fall into a river.

I got them so the next time I have to ford a river with my bike, I can do so swiftly and, well, play around like an Otter.

I still think Otters have more fun but then I live longer then 16 years so that's a fair trade. Too bad for the otter.
 I'd like to make a pun about this being my Otter Car but it's just some folks out for a drive, er swim.
It's a real amphibious car called an Amphicar.

Drive in, Drive out. 2 large plastic props push when the transfer case is powered. It's like a 4x4 only it's a 2xProp. 

Go diving, play on a pop-sickle stick, find a boat, and wait for a car.
Nice Saturday.

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