Monday, August 27, 2012

Bandit Cross

band of marauders
If 75 bike riders show up in the middle of a field with little order and every bit of intention to see who is fastest around a make do track, it's a Bandit Cross. From what I gather, no one is in charge and no one cares. I jumped on the tails of a long line of riders. Introduced myself as "Mind if I race off the back!" and the bloke replied, "We always start an hour late. The race is about to start" To which I said,"Great!"

I had to stop home after work the day of the race so I rode to MPLS from my home about 24 miles away. I only had an hour to close that distance so I was just going to have to live with being late. So when I arrive way behind the planned start I was happy the event didn't kick off on time but when is a Marauder ever on time? I should have known.

I call Blake and tell him I'm going to go and see what a Bandit is about. I've read about them after the fact and they seem fun. Show up and ride, race if you have the energy or just enjoy a beer and have a fun ride with maniacs. 

 The band of marauders
 This is about 3 minutes before the race launches. Note the 3+ ladies in the pic. It's not all dudes.
Anyone can show and go. No numbers, no classes, no rules but be fast and don't crash.
 The starting line. I race but give a huge lead to take this picture. I take off after everyone and jam on the big gears to get to mid pack after two laps.
 The man with the beer is the most Bandit but only because he's playing in traffic and the race is on.
 Everyone is lucky to get off the line without major crashes. That's a testament to the quality of riders. Bandits maybe, serious riders, always.
 Keeping it real, Clockwork , shows up to race.
 I jump from racing to photo journalist. If you don't have pics, it didn't happen, right!
 Riding like he stole it. These guys are pushing the big gears to win nothing but respect. Well, Respect Bro's.
 Hobo Camp, san hobos but not the camping gear.
 Out of the woods and across the finishing line, not so you'd know. The line is out there, it's not marked. If you're racing, you know where it is. No need to make it obvious. Everyone knows where it is. Seriously.
 The nice lady taking the photos is at the line. See, we all know where it is.
 Down and away corners take skill, grit, a heavy front wheel to make it bite but too much and you eat salad.
This is a nice Caesar salad, all greens. You can hear him moan as he eats every blade of grass, um , salad.

I'm in orange in back.

 Cross racing is a blast and the All City Bandit Cross is no different. 
Show and go.
 Run what ya' brung.
 Don't cost nothing.

Pictures from All City

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