Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Almanzo 100

I wish I had a story about riding the Almanzo 100 but it went without much drama. The wind was hellish and we all took it on the nose for many hours. It was a mixed bag. If it wasn't for the heavy winds the temps in the 90's would have killed everyone. As it was the temp wasn't the big fight of the day, it was staying in the drops for hours trying to hide from the wind. I was in hell for the longest time. With no place to hide, I ate and turned the cranks something like 36,000 times and crossed the line 7 hours and 46 minutes after I pushed off. I went nonstop for the first 5 hours and that only got me 68 miles. I drank 200oz of water, two bananas and lots of bars, I'll guess, 14.

We shove off with lots of riders.
This is only 40 miles in but it felt good. Lots of people cheering.

This is the finish. I don't feel too bad. Unlike the Ragnarok a few weeks back... I didn't get shelled or blown up chasing the cool kids. I sat back over my wheels and pushed the metal. I wasn't chasing but I wasn't giving any easy ground away. I didn't stop but once and then only for 5 minutes to refill water and fire down the golden produce.

I have to admit I relied on an old mental buggy whip, I lied to myself.  I didn't want to ride that morning but I put my name on the list and I was going to finish it. Before 40 miles I was alone and already in hell. I didn't want to ride and I sure as hell didn't want to ride 100. So I started plotting against myself. With only 2 check points at 40 and 60, I only had two chances to quit (I forgot my phone) so I had to do 40. I know I can do 20 miles easy so that left 60 as the goal and I'd give in then. So I told myself, I knew it wouldn't happen but it's a psychological bungee cord to pull me along. The 60 mile checkpoint was actually 68 and I gave it what I had for the last 31 miles. The lie worked, again.

I do this quite often. Two tricks; Lie to yourself and don't think. The less you think about why you're doing something and if you're having fun, the better you are.

I'd like to throw a big thank you to Mr. Skogen for all the effort. I don't think he reads my blog but then everyone feels the same way so he'll get the message regardless.

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