Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MN Triple Crown #1

 The Start. I cook up an idea while reading a map and I have no reason to think it's doable but that doesn't matter. This is planning. You plan big and just make it happen.

The Plan: Kayak a thin ribbon of water for 9 miles, Fat bike snow machine trails back to cars to recover kayaks. Josh jewels the Triple Crown with a caving trip.
 This is the put in. Before this, I'd only seen it on a map so you just need to believe it's doable.
 It wasn't long and we started portaging around sweepers. This was one of 9 including the grand portage.
 I did not have a creek boat and had to fight it around a little more. Nothing I couldn't do but I was dressed to get soaked and started out with a brave launch that larded me 15 gallons. I pumped for a full minute to clear the 'hold'

This is actually our first lunch break and the longest portage of maybe 100 yards. The grand portage.
 More portaging so we have plenty of time to stretch our legs.
 This is the best. Hard but doable. We found many of them. Josh is actually grounded at this point. :) He he he... My bigger boat draws far less water so I coast past without grounding.
 This is why we do this stuff. We are not more then 20 minutes from a town but you'd never know it.
 The expected gratuitous self portrait to prove I was there.
 Josh is grounded AGAIN! He he he.
 Almost out of the water. We are all soaked but have dry bags with spirit saving warm cloths.

 The Take Out: We change, mount up and ride out but the snow machine trails are now about to be corn so we take the roads. 4 hour 20 minutes of kayaking.

 About this time Josh figures he needs some food so we stop for tacos. I didn't bring cash so I owe him $9.
 The Jewel is a cave he was in some time ago. It's dirty and small and I think I catch a virus from rooting around but it was a good time. Tim is new to caving and has a great time. I'm only sorry it wasn't longer and cleaner for his first time.
 This is the first time I've ever gotten to stand behind a water fall and I've lived within a short drive for 20 years and didn't know it! It just proves how little we know about where we are and how easy it is to discover if you have a headlamp in full sun. (I have no idea why I still have that thing on!)
 This is just a cool picture but it speaks for itself. We are just poking around more caves.
Punxsutawney Phil is that you?

The End: Oh Look! The weather finally got nice.

MN Triple Crown #2 is planned


  1. Great shots...As stated In Josh's blog them grounds are my old stomping grounds growing up In Hastings...Very cool...

  2. it was a great time, hope the rest of the rok went well for ya...